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Our mission is to address the increasing HIV rates among young women of color 13-24, through building partnerships with individuals and organizations that serve and empower adolescents.

In December 2005, at a meeting convened by the Youth Comprehensive Care Network — a heated discussion ensued about the state of HIV and young women of color.
Several attendees at that meeting committed to meet to formulate a plan to address the concerns. In January 2006, other interested organizations attended the meeting, a streering committee was formed and YWCHAC was established. The impetus for the Coalition stems from the lack of response, strategies and follow-up to conversations around this issue.

YWCHAC's vision is a coalition for and of young women of color that fosters their development of the organizing and advocacy skills necessary to help change the climate in which decisions about them are being made.

YWCHAC has graduated 170 young women of color from its WE SPEAK Summer Advocacy Institute. WE SPEAK – Women Empowered Support Protect Advocate and Know a Peer Education Component of the Coalition for Young Women of Color was formed with 25 young women of color from the five boroughs. This group consists of both HIV positive and HIV negative young women who have been meeting weekly since October 2006.

Since 2006, YWCHAC has seen 5100 young people attend its Safer Sex Education Parties where they can get information about HIV/AIDS, STDS and pregnancy prevention in a safe environment.

Since hosting our first youth event in January 2007, YWCHAC and its partners have tested 2310 young people of color at each of their events.

Since YWCHAC’s first Quarterly Meeting, we have provided updates for 1300 youth service providers in NYC on topical issues impacting the lives of young women of color. The meetings enable the Coalition to strengthen partnerships with HIV and non-HIV identified agencies highlighting the intersection of youth services and HIV/AIDS prevention because HIV prevention is youth development. The information and knowledge sharing will also raise awareness in communities and agencies to further develop programs, policy statements, and affect funding priorities that include best practices and lessons learned.

50, 000 condoms are distributed every year at YWCHAC events.


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